David Cameron – you’re going to get all of us killed 

Dear David Cameron

Whilst you have been in power. You have done nothing other than make this country miserable. Now we are going to be living in fear once more with terror attacks as we had been more than 11 years ago. Haven’t you not learnt from crap hole Tony Blair at the time when he was in power. 

You are going to get us all killed you know that because you are so up yourself and think what’s better for our country. I worked it all out when France and Belgium got attacked we were next on their list. You haven’t even got the brains to work it out how we going to stop them and protect your own country. Have you even thought about the royals in any of this? 

No I guess not. Get your butts into gear other wise we be all dead before you decide to do something about it. 


Lizzy Arrow 

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