Fight for fathers justice

Justice for true fathers who would do anything for their kids and fight for them. Due to their ex partners had bad pass because of their fathers weren’t there for them. So why make out that their children’s fathers are the same if they’ve been there since day one. Yes the mother’s are insecure about their past if it had happened to them but if they got a good bloke in their life and keep them stable why use the children as weapons not right. I know a few bad fathers out there and support my friends who let their child be with them because it’s right thing to do and the children can make their minds up as they grow up. If they want to see their father’s or not.

Then there’s single fathers who have full custody of their children and doing it on their own and let their children’s mother see them or their mothers disapper off because they think that it’s best for them to not have her around and leave the father to do it all. Then claim that the father wouldn’t let them see the kids. Using emotional black mail on them. Which in court will always what I find that they always go to the women never the men.

‘Now this is a disgrace. Would you see men having these. Carrying signs saying “mothers don’t deserve a day.” “ban Mother’s day” ‘

This photo caught my eye on social media on Facebook. This is a disgrace. Would you see men having these. Carrying signs saying “Mothers don’t deserve a day.” “Ban Mother’s day” This is so harsh.


There are good men out there I have a friend who is a single parent and he looks after his children. He does it so well where he let’s their mother see them and they can decide but he also protects them from the pain too.


Then I have another friend who’s ex partner would not let him see his kids where she uses them as a weapon where she tells him that he will see them one day but on the day or the day before she turns around and make an excuse to saying that he can’t see them because they are going somewhere else for the day.

Then you have people who have one night stands, get drunk and go home with the person and have unprotected sex.  Then the guy or the woman won’t ring or see them again but the guy won’t know that the one night stand girl he had sex with is pregant or the guy remembers and tries to get into contact with the girl because he worked out the dates but she doesn’t want anything to do with him because they both made a mistake. They are either try and make it work with custody as it is fair or just have the child as a weapon.

When you have decant fathers who are not criminals. This takes me back roughly to my introduction when when husband and wife go through a difficulties through courts but don’t listen to what the children wants. Also it damages the child or children in so many ways. When they don’t see their fathers every day and their parents turn them against each other because of their poison words of how bad their father is. The children from a young age and think that their father had abounded them which might not even true and be messed up.


“No child should be denied their human right to a father.
Join our global campaign to give fathers equal rights
to see their children after separation.” From We are Fathers4Justice

This is one of the cases that thousands of children looses out their father when they are growing up. To the point of not having a fatherless games such as pony rides, prince and princess, football, football matches, first walks, first words, first boyfriends, first girlfriends, proms, weddings, walking their daughter’s down the aisle and many more because their ex wives or partners use the children as weapons and don’t think about what is right for them. All they think is they are doing what’s best for them but they are not really. I don’t like where woman who use their kids as weapons because it’s wrong the kids haven’t done anything wrong to either of them.


Thank you for reading this people don’t let this to happen to your kids look through your kids eyes not your own what’s right for yourself. Share this blog.




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