My views on the current news today #1

Starting with the EU Referendum
From my Twitter feed  

So in the news Mr Cameron wants to take the whole of United Kingdom out of the EU because he thinks it’s better for the eccomny and we can survive with money that we can get out of it. He wants questions for and against the EU Referendum. Yet the next tweet that I found sounded to me is against the EU Referendum coming from him but yet he put it forward.

From my Twitter feed.

So he was delighted to meet and greet volunteers from Exeter who knows better than he does that the UK is better to stay in the EU than not apart of it. This is because we are more like be more vurnerble not to be in the EU. Being in the EU we are less of the target where we are stronger and be able to call on our neighbours for help. Otherwise we would be on our own with no help what so ever.

From my Twitter feed.

 For once Nick Clegg is right on this one where young people’s future are at stake in the EU Referendum because how can they get support from the EU money, the knowledge and most off all be friends with our EU countries. If we get taken out. I personal read somewhere that the Royals have actually stepping in to try and stop the referendum from happening. 


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