Cameron himself is in more trouble than before 

BBC news reference 

 Once more Cameron is in more trouble than he is right now. Being in the lime light and most importantly being the blooming prime minister of United Kingdom. You can’t just spin lies and try to cover up your mistakes by blaming the whole country for making mistakes and cutting fundings on which his own mother not best pleased with him. 

Yet now bringing in his dad in this offshore scandal that David Cameron got him self into. Yes I can understand that at the time before he became prime minister he thought he was doing the right duty by helping his father and mother out at the time. Soon enough by the public will find out and lose more trust and faith in him because they had to make major cut backs due to the rise of taxes and everything else that he should by as he puts it in place. So does all of the other politicians in the House of Parliament. 

BBC News reference 

“I could have handled tax row better” by David Cameron. How can you handle the tax row better Cameron? Honestly if you could live in our eyes for four years and one of us be in power doing the dirty work and everything then you will understand and then you know how to handle the tax row better and differently. 

Tweet from Lilly Allen from my news feed

Love following tweets from stars who watch the news and share their opinions on these topics. Showing their beliefs and what should happen like everyone. They are human beings doing what they love doing. Like Lilly Allen said that kid will say to their kids ‘I help try make David Carmon resign’  

BBC news reference 

  Everyone is right. Yes close tax loopholes or resign. In my opinion just don’t do it you know. Close the loopholes and just resign you know because having tories being in power you know things are going to get worse over the years.

BBC news reference 



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