10 things that I should tell my 10 year old self.

I thought if I could go back time and see my 10 year old self again back in the 1990’s it would be possibly 1998 or 1999. One of those two maths is do not my fortay. Me and maths don’t mix especially when your dyslexic and even when your tired makes it worse. Anyways not sure what I would say to my 10 year old self really. Hate my past but doing this I can put a bit of closer on myself. 

So scared but here we go

Dear 10 year old self

 1) Don’t be scared of your year 4/5 teacher even if she picks on you and tell your classroom assistant to stay where they were. Don’t be a wimp when your wrists or ankles hurt believe me when you get use to it by the age of 25. Also your knees go by your late teens to early twenties. (Not sure what year at school when I was 10)

 2) Don’t cry if someone in your class kisses you on last day of term because some kid set them. Just dumb 10 year old kids mucking about just to wind you up and to hurt you. Believe me it gets worse when you get older in life especially when you finish your education after to college if you don’t choose uni.

3) It’s okay to like have crushes and stuff. Yeah you’ll hate the populars and wish you were one of them. Be who you want to be because at least you be cool. But it’s okay to change but seriously you don’t need a boyfriend. Your so pretty and cheeky.

4) Be a bit tougher on yourself when it comes to dinner ladies. They are so fisty and hard when they don’t tell you not to take it from the back. Don’t blame yourself for it. If they don’t explain to you and think that you should know.

5) Stand up for yourself when other kids treat you like dirt and bully you. For example: If Amy told you to close your mouth when chewing. Tell her who are you tell me the cats mother or something to through back into her face. If you fall out of your friends over something stupid like who am I taking to the Christmas party in learning support. Seriously why is it a bigger deal.

6) Your okay now sleeping with the door closed and the light off now at home. However the phobia is still with you when stay in old houses and barns. But you will over come it one day. 

7) Slow down on the eating front because when it comes to your twenties you will become to use it as a comfort thing when you get older. Believe me I’m already there.

8) Don’t cut your sisters curly hair with actual sisscors because you’ll get into one big trouble. That will be with you for the rest of your life. 

9) Don’t play sort of kiss chase stuck in the mud which got monjority of year playing it and that would be year 5 or 6. Believe me you wouldn’t want to do that any time soon.

10) Such a Tomboy wear some girlie 90’s dresses. Depands how bad they really and yes still have the annoying flower girl dress from J&P wedding. 
That’s my top 10 things for my past 10 year old self. Have a peaceful night and gave a nice relaxing sleep for the weekend.


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