Who am I? 

“Who am I? Who am I? I am Jean Valjean.”

“Who am I? Who am I? 24601”

Who am I? Who am I? I sometimes I’m in jail in my head when I have a relapse with my anxiety and depression because I don’t know who I am anymore. I start to put myself down and everything else. It’s like who am I? No one knows who I am when I’m like it.

‘Walk this way, talk this way,’ Run-DMC feat Aerosmith

Finding your true identity is very hard where through school and work life people put pressure of you should join them and be like them. Also to the point of bullying and reading maginzes of what celebrities do. People call you names like ‘your fat’ ‘your ugly’ ‘your a cow’ ‘your a bitch’ and etc. To the point of you become anxious, depressed and everything else because of the pressure of people around you.

Finding your true identity in some people can be like people have got it straight away they know what they want to do and know what they want to look like. Everyone has each of their own. I’m still currently looking for my identity family and friends say that I’m pretty and everything but I don’t feel like but when I put make up on and everything I know that its me and feel a whole lot better.

‘Nobody does it better like you’ – Selena Gomez


When you knowing yourself is just the beginning of all wisdom when you start believing in yourself. Nobody does it like you when you know crazy things that do and make you laugh with your friends because it brings out your wild side. That you can’t afford to go back the to the way it was of putting yourself done. So you carry on and try your hardest to stay the way you are like it’s your last chance everyday.



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