Behind these blue eyes


Everyone is trying to get to me, you tried to get the attention off me. I’m surpised that you were pretty smart. Then you wisper in my ear. I’m not the easy target. You hit my heart. You didn’t ask me for my number; wait you didn’t need to ask my for my number because you already get my number.

Behind these blue eyes waking up in the morning feeling like hung over if I don’t sleep properly but I know I haven’t been drunk. I know the feeling of the tick tock of the clock ticking. Telling it to shhh.

Is this is the dream or I am alive? Can’t believe this is my life guys chasing after me. All of the backstabbers in my past because I know know what your all about. Behind these blue eyes have witness and seen everything that you have done; through what thought someone was my best friend and guys I thought they loved me enough.

Loosing close loved ones from a young age and early teens but yet when I see my other relatives I know that I’m more close to them. I have days I know that they are near and close but I know that they are with me one step of the way.

The blue eyes are the most beautiful thing that I have one of my best things that I have. One the main features that I have becasue it always attracts the guys that want to be theirs and it goes well whatever colour hair that I have.

The blue eyes has a learning difficulities you won’t even notice as I have dyslexia and langague difficulities but you wouldn’t know it because I’ve been writing for years so I’m always improving. I know when I look at words and it frustates me when I look at the words and I know that it doesn’t look right I don’t know how to spell it or what it begins. With the lanagangue difficulties is because I was deaf when I was little. So I have to be careful with my ears.




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