Single and proud 

I’ve had rough run with guys between 21-25 years old. 3 guys never turned out great maybe the third could be lucky but I’m not sure yet of taking him back; guys that I’ve been talking to for over a year even tools or genuine nice guys turning into tools afterwards or ended up staying in my life as friends. 

Currently have to say that as I’m finally getting back onto my feet; I’m actually enjoying being a singleton but yeah it would be nice to have a guy around and giving me cuddles and give me attention it would be so nice for once in awhile.

When guys ask a girl in a night club for example are you single. Do you see any guys with her at all with her friends? Do you see a bouncer of a boyfriend lurking around? Or even on dating websites where you get asked to fill out a profile and a picture for it. A guy pops up and as you get into a good conversation with him then randomly have an outburst of ‘are you single?’ Like a nerevous 10 year old boy who faces a girl and does a Ron Weasly moment of either shout at them or say it so quickly that they miss heard you. Depends on the bloke and the woman if they have the spark or not. Monjority of the guys that think I think I like to see a certain thing and send it to me. I’m like how rude and I’m appalled by it. Get to know me first before anything else. 

People say ‘perhaps you’re being too picky’ maybe I am maybe I’m not but I do make acceptions and sometimes when I do make acceptions it’s like it doesn’t work out and I get hurt. But there’s no harm in being picky in my book at the end of the day. You either get to know them and if there’s a spark then that’s great but if there isn’t why carry on talking to them if it’s not going to happen. 

This is so true. When guys say to me “you’re too pretty to be single, where are you on here and not snapped up already’ I reply “dunno why I’m on here” then tell them why and it’s like oh okay that’s not nice. To be fair I rather be on my own for now and just wait. They would normally say “oh I can understand that” or “that isn’t very nice” then you find out that they are excatly the same as th rest of the guys insulting me and calling me names.

My everyday when I get home from work or gym maybe it the Oreos but wish I was having Oreos at the same time. Just having a complete chill out and do what I want to do not having to worry about anything. 

My favourite quotes that I wanted to share with you guys. 



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