10 Things I hate about being in a relationship 

   The 10 most things I hate being in relationships is that monjority of guys think it’s okay sneaking around and think that I don’t care. So if guys want to date me just don’t be a doosh bag you know. This is also the same from men’s point of view as well. But because I have done it on my point of view women and guys relate to it all in different ways.


   Just don’t lie be up front and tell the truth all guys want is guys to tell the truth than lying about it all. 


 men’s blooming ego of things that might actually happen or think they are perfect at everything and know how to treat a girl until they screw it up.


  make up your mind weather you want to be with the person or not because all they did was to live you and did everything for you. Yet you take everything for granted.


Just don’t mess with a girls heart if you’re leading her on then do a u-turn then that’s not fair on her if you know perfectly well that she likes you.


  If you come across a sign post saying ‘Cheating’ one way and ‘faithful’ the other way don’t go cheating because if you do and think it’s right in hurting the person you are with. Then your listening more to your ego more than your heart.


Standing girls up its not great. Why do it! She looks like a total tool looking all dressed up and everything. Then when the time comes you don’t show.


  Not answering your phones more to the point because if you stood someone up then you wonder why there’s so many texts and miss cools. Then as soon as she gets on with her life you end up messaging her and turn her world upside down.


  Some relationships are like lack of freedom this is because some relationships partners are more controlling over their ladies. It’s like they can’t do anything right what so ever.


Commitment is more than you realise. It’s not always about love and sex. It’s about being together and to be able to enjoy things together but also to be doing things on your own but being faithful.


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