You know when you need a weekend away!

Pros – doing it with a partner 

Yep it’s that time that I wish I had a romantic partner just me and him where he would come and pick me up from work to go for a mini weekend away. After having a long stressful week at work by the end of it; tired, ill and upset whatever triggers me off now I’m in bits. You need your partner to cuddle up in a ball because you just can’t cope and you just him and her time together. Enjoy each other’s company. Be able to do romantic things together, stay out until late and many more things as a couple that you haven’t done in awhile because both of you have been too busy to do anything together. Also to be able to clear your minds together. At least your both safe together you know where you both are at each time.

Cons – doing it on your own 

Sometimes I just wish that I was having a weekend away on my own. To be able to clear my head a bit more. But it’s that you know you’ve been keeping it together for so long that you can’t do it. Then your like I really need a weekend away because being at home your just mulling it all over everytime that has happened in the week. When you do go on your own it’s like your in check with family etc where your not getting the rest that you need because your on your own something bad might has happened to you. 
To be fair right now I really want a weekend away on my own or be treated by a nice fella and spend some nice time with him or on my own creating good fun memories. Like I did that and it was fun to be doing that. I want to do it again and build the confidence up in yourself. 


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