Love Letters #1


Dear My mystery man (MJ)

I wonder how we fell through. Everyday goes. I don’t know how but I got to little going on in my head. I’m too little in the dark. A million lights behind you. I can’t even see you.

I can’t unlove you. I miss you so much. I’m sorry for all the things that I have said. I’m sorry for hating you so much. I can’t cope with out you. I want you here with me so much. I can’t live without you. Your my man.  You made me as a fighter.

You made me stronger. You do drive me crazy. However you shine bright like the diamond in the night sky. I want us to be together again. If only if I can try and get into contact with you.

When you hold me I know that I am alive. I saw the light in you. I knew the one. Your love is my drug no matter what is. There is no mountian ain’t high enough to climb to find you. I love you so much.

I miss our chats and miss telling you things that’s being going on. I really want you here with me right now. I want to be free from living at home. I want you to come home safely to me soon as possible.

Your number one fan





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