My perspective of things in life 

Today’s blog is what my perspective of things in life that annoys me so much that people think it’s normal things in life. Yet I might do it as well and yeah I put my hand up on somethings but everyone does it in life. 

                                                          Don’t you just find that annoying 

This annoys the hell out of me you know. It’s like if I’m at work I have my phone on silent and I get loads of messages and calls. Don’t people realise that I’m working and not at home or on my holidays or it’s the weekend where I’m actually able to answer my phone. Then when I have time and have it on loud it’s like no one messages me at all the whole time until all of the sudden when I’m going to bed. Or even if I’ve got my phone on loud people decide to message me where I’m with my family I’m like what’s that about. 


                                                                       So true      

It’s like when your working too much and it’s completely burnt out, your like well I’ve just had a brain fart or its been burnt out. Monjority of the time it’s like it’s on one where it’s like I want to mock people it’s like have you lost your mind. I reply I’ve lost my mind years ago so don’t return it if you find it. 


                                                            ‘Fake and tension seekers’

People who think that you see someone as potential threat to them but likes to gossip about things who don’t know people that well starts spreading rumours about them is not cool. They are called ‘fake wanna bees and tension seekers’ because they don’t want to loose their friends that they have made. Just shut your big gob. Get to know them first before judging them.


                                               So true

In this day in ages more and more stress is being given to the point off working over time trying to get everything done. You have more pressure than everything because of time your under catching up on paper work because you haven’t done the day before. This where it leads to depression no matter what triggers the stress but it does have a physical ailment. Stupid people make me sick where they think it’s okay to put more stress on people where they are already under a lot of stress already.

banning hugs in schools

 What ever next? Banning hugs is like your not allowed to touch anyone. It’s like if your best friend is crying or upset about something you turn around and sexy I’m sorry I would give you a hug but you know the school has banned hugs. Seriously who let Proffessor Umbridge in that school. They have already banned IT, Stuck in the mud, bulldog, probably kiss chase soon enough, oh probably say girls aren’t allowed to be friends with boys, have two separate classrooms girls get taught in one and boys get taught in the other. These things are being taking way from the kids like nobody nos. It’s like how they going to in joy their childhood. 

                                                 What is the world coming too?

What is the world coming too? When I was growing up I got to play outside in the road, go to the park on my own, go out to the town and many more things. But not like now days where you have kids on their phones, ipads, computers, game consconsles and many other things. Also kids don’t go out anymore to play with their friends anymore it’s to risky now because of strange people around now who knows what will happen next. 2000 has changed so much call me old fashion being a 90’s kid but at least I enjoyed getting out and being free as a kid than worrying what’s going to happen next.


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