Reading on advice of blogging 

I was trying to find some blogs to read just to get some ideas of what to write on the Internet when I came across a blogger giving advice on “if you don’t read don’t blog” something along the lines of that. It’s like saying to someone who wants to become a writer but doesn’t read or someone who wants to become an Olympic swimming athletic and someone will say you can’t swim and you won’t be able to do it. 

I just find this sort of thing an outrage. I don’t read books but when I do it takes me a month or so to read this is because I have learning difficulties but yet I write blogs and stories to prove my spelling and etc. I’m forever writing I have more than 10 notebooks, more than 10 post its and more than 10 pens. I’m constantly writing as long as I can remember. 

You never know the secret of our famous stars who struggled with learning difficulties. Did you even know they had something? My point is that they made themselves to get where they are today by being in control of their learning difficulties and their backgrounds. They had a choice of staying as a failure or do something about it. 


Daniel Radcliffe – dyspraxia 

‘I was having hard time at school’

Struggled to tie his shoe laces and handwriting is still a challenge but if it wasn’t for his mum to encourage him to audition for a play to help build his confidence up he wouldn’t of got this far. 

Whoopi Goldberg – Dyslexia

Kids at school called her ‘Dumb’ however her mother gave her great advice and made her who she is today. “Don’t listen to them. Be who you want to be” Yet she proved everyone where she became a comedian and a talk host. She is only one along with half a dozen people to have won a Grammy, an academy award and a tony award.


   Steven Spielberg – Dyslexia 
‘The last puzzle piece to a great mystery that I’ve kept to myself’

The legendary film director wasn’t diagnosed with dyslexia until he was in his 60’s. School administration thought he was lazy. His classmates bullied him but however all of his school troubles have played a part in his career. 

Justin Timberlake – ADHD

Justin Timberlake has many things under his belt but his learning difficulties hasn’t stopped from reaching the goals that he wanted to do. Is one of many adults in the US to have ADHD. 

   Tim Tebow – Dyslexia 
Former NFL quarterback. His father and brother has it as well. Learning difficulties runs in the family.  

‘It’s has to do with finding out how you learn’ he said ‘I’m not somebody that opens a playbook and just turns and reads and reads. So I just made flash cards, I take each one and then boom, when I’m travelling. I just flip through it. That really helped me.  Writing it down, flipping through and quizzing myself, that was a great way for me to do it.’ 

Keira Knightly – Dyslexia 

After Knightly was diagnosed with dyslexia from the age of 6. She used her love of acting to be able to read. Knightly from the young age struck up a deal and used the love acting as her advantage on which she struck up a deal that if she worked hard on her reading every day, they would agree to hire an agent. 

My advice is just don’t give up on yourself and what you can and can’t do. All you have to is work around it and make your name as house hold name. Where you can just turn around and say to the people who put you down ‘oh look how far I come’ I’m starting to think of my next move on the chest board but not sure where I’m going with it at the moment. 


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