Katie Hopkins is at it again! 


‘Mum!!!! They are at it again’ 

This women drives me nuts. She has nothing to say that is nice to anyone. It’s like oh look at me I’m perfect. No you blooming well not. No one is I know I’m not but at least I know I’m not a stuck up person who claims of being with one of the royals. I would so run a mile away from you. The tweet that stood out to me was this one.

I so wanted to tweet back and say to her ‘how about least see you try and run 26.2 miles and see what time you come out of at the end. Oh wait you will quit before you start because you’ll say I can’t do that not even for my charity. I might break my ankle or hurt myself’ your such a brat you know that. It’s called muscles and training you daft blonde bimbo. Have you heard a place called a gym and gym close. I don’t think you have. If you haven’t got anything nice to say don’t saying anything at all. 

Well done to Natasha Argent on the 3hrs44 Katie Hopkins won’t last 5 minutes of that race. Well done you and boo to Katie Hopkins. 


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