Your food diary

My food diary contains mostly health things to be honest with. Things that I can eat really I’m trying to diet to be able to loose weight. So it can be something like sandwiches (not meant to yeast) but have a balance by having something with non yeast after. Oranges bananas and water for lunch. Breakfast depands on the time I get up in the mornings really but wheatbix but hot wheatbix because I don’t have to have much milk to add into it. Dinner depands what’s been cook but generally stuff that I can’t have haha. I do treat myself now and then with a chocolate and coke once in awhile.

My worst times where I use to eat junk food like chocolate, family packs of chisps and coke all the time because it was something for comfort but at the end of the day now I don’t have the cravings for them odd occasion chocolate and coke but I don’t appeal to me no more. It’s like my best friend she likes chocolate and there’s me not having chocolate. I know I want give up and go back to where I was before.


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