Transition to Adulthood 

 I hear kids on the bus or when I’m out and about; they were like I can’t wait for too leave school so I can do anything that I want to do, who the hell put that in your head? Adult is more stressful than being a teenager and having what they think it’s real drama to them. Just wait until you start when your in your adulthood.

 5 months ago I didn’t want to be an adult anymore because I had huge responsbilities to pay back money that I have finally finished of paying my debts. Now all I have to do is to pay my parents back money and I have to think of what money I need to pay for. This month I had so much going out it doesn’t help that my medication this month was expesnive to go out more than I expected. I would rather live in a cave not come out and do nothing but I wouldn’t be able to do things without money. Money + Work = be able to do things.

Being and adult is exhausting becasue of working if you had made plans your like ‘oh I wish I didn’t make plans because I want to go to bed and chill. It’s like ouch my back hurts’ believe me my back hurts from just doing my job. I haven’t even manage to go to the gym because work has been so busy and hetic to the point of I am so tired by the time I get home. It’s not like I’ve been lazy or been off at all. Adulthood is hard but you have to deal with it and get on with it because you need the money to pay things.

This table shows excatly what life is like in kids heads that adults do but the sad reality of being adult your in charge of yourself and things that you need to be adult about. Yet this shows the contrast of what kids vs the adults really have to face.

This is so true it has happened to me so many times because things have been so hard where being an adult is hard. I’ve done things where I felt like I’ve been treated like I was back at the age of 13 and I was getting lectured about things. I was like I can’t wait until the morning that I could go to work but work was like it as well. I was like I need to go back to the gym to clear my head. It does work.

I’ve been stubborn through out life from being a child until now. I generally annoy myself so much that I send myself to bed. I don’t know if I know if annoy anyone else but I do annoy myself I do go to bed if I can’t calm down and do things that I like doing.

Bascially whatever you choose when your a kid and teenager it never actually goes to plan when you become an adult because every choice you make sounds terrible and like that’s not going to happen in real life. Think what you can actually do and how to bring the money.

Monjority of kids these days don’t want to go to bed but when they grow up and when they do a full days work is like they actually crawl to bed because they are so tired but yet they have to do more adult things. I had to that today with lots of adult things.

For example: My sister doesn’t work during the week and says ‘I’ve done it all week the house stuff’  me and my parents have the weekend off she has to go to work then she comes and just sleeps. We like have you asked for more hours she then goes quiet to which we know that she hasn’t. We are literally not joking when we ask. She thinks she’s still as child still. She’s not really. I come home work work tired, do the dishwisher if I’m well enough and doing my blogging even if I’m awake. I wish I could get paid for blogging then I don’t have to worry about working all the time.

Haha yes me most of the time when I’m with my friends when and I’m relaxing. I tell myself to grow up but yet when your really need a good your like shut up let yourself go it’s your time do what ever you want to do.

When you start freaking out that your put on the spot and forget all your training. Your like s*** I don’t even have any training what the hell do I do. Sometimes your mind goes blank when you have done the training but once you do it so often it’s automic.

There is not really a script in the adult life but it’s what you make it as a script and your just playing yourself your brain is telling you what’s going to happen next. It’s not like movies that you have super powers and people’s life is so perfect that you wish you had theirs. IT’S NOT REAL PEOPLE!   get over it.

 You can’t read about them in books you have to experience the real life as an adult because you have to land on your own to feet. Your parent’s are not there to protect you no more. Your on your own but they still care about you no matter what but it’s your choice of life style. If your going to muck it up. Learn the hard way of your own no one is going to bail you out unless your parent’s are that nice to bail you out a few times but you have to learn that they can’t keep on doing it for you otherwise they will go under.

Good luck


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