Lizzysweeklyblog Blogging Advice 

Welcome to lizzysweeklyblog blogging advice. Got to love metaphors. Haha.


Weather it’s filming or writing blogs you can find everything on here; you don’t have to take my advice or anyone else’s but at the end of the day it’s your product at the end of the day, I’m just handing out advice to newbies and who might be struggling for ideas and need more guidance at the end of the day. More to the point is that it’s yours and yours alone that the work that you do no one else’s. I do want to make that clear to everyone who reads it. Shall we get started.


Things that we need to start with before we get into blogging.

You need to decide what’s best for you and what you can work with. Ask you self am I good at talking to the camera and blog my jazzy stuff or am I good at writing my blogs? You need to work out if you feel comfortable working with something that makes you feel confident in doing it. Comfortable & Confidant  is the key thing in blogging because you have to trust and believe in yourself that you can do it.

“For example: I tried out doing videos for YouTube so many times but in the end I just hated doing them because it wasn’t my style and secondly I was really uncomfortable looking at myself in the camera where I was trying to hard to be so over the top. I was trying to be like my sister who was amazing at doing her videos then compared myself to mine. So I stopped doing them in the end. Left it for years as things in my life happened. Until sometime in November 2015 I signed up to here and started to blog. It did take me awhile to get into it. Until I took it seriously where I wanted to start writing again. Since January 2016 I’ve been blogging nearly everyday now; I’ve found my leash of what I want to write and what not, I do have days where I struggle to what to write so I do a bit of research and write ideas down in my blog books that I have.”   


Starting to blog after you chosen your blogging material:

Once you have choosen what media your going to use for your blogging material; think about what sort of name you can use to make it unquie and stand out more, so that everyone can look you up and say ‘this person is so cool. Have you heard of lizzysweeklyblogs she writes awesome things and she talks about different things like make up and things that matter to her and etc’.   I suggest using a nice notebook and pen just for your blogging material ideas so that you can referred back to it when you have ideas and etc. That’s if your out and about where you think “Great Scott I have an idea” then you have it written down saving you rushing home and you forget the idea. Normally what happens to me to be honest if I don’t have anything to write it on or have my iPad to start to create the blog post to save it on to.

Once you have choosen your unique name. You can start to think about what you want to blog about and what sort of audience you want to target as well. Remember some people like an introduction to begin with so they know who you are, what you are about and what to expect from you. My opinion is that be freely as much as you can with different  subjects so that you can cover all ground bases; also join in with tags that’s have been going around on YouTube or tumblar so that people can get to know you a bit more once you have got your fan base starting up. Research what makes you tickle with laughter, what’s happening in the world of Twitter and other social media you have. If your blogging on a website pictures are a great way to help draw people in and think oh what’s this one about. Even with great capture for a title as well to be able to draw them in. Don’t forget when you  finish your blogging don’t forget to do tags and categorised your work so that people can find them. This also effects YouTube as well.

Over time once you know you have settled into blogging life you might think I might experience different things. Such as which location in my room is better for me to film? Where is the best for me to write for peace and quiet? What if I got a green screen and lights for filming? How can I get my work notice more online for my writing?  What sort of apps can I use for filming or for pictures? Even ask your fan base and get them involved what you should do to make the videos or your blogs better.


Stats from blogging: 

When you look at your stats each day or a few days up to you really. For me I do it everyday because I can write up in my creative writing diary how I did on each day before the day you are on now.

YouTube is completely I do believe I’m not sure it could be the same as WordPress but there’s two ways of every you tuber thinks about how many views and how many followers. That they have each day. I would still write them down even when you have had the most top hits on a video I would photograph the stat as evidence so when you have another good day with another video you can compare how each video achieved on the day of being released.

When blogging on the web you have the stats report it shows you the insight and etc. I recommend going to the day one where it shows you the bar chart of how many views, visitors, likes, comments and countries. I would record how many there are and write down which countries have read them and what number of views there are. If you have lots of views above 50 and above take photo of it and what blogs have been read but also the countries as a back up evdiance for you note taken of views, visitors, comments and countries.


Dos and Don’ts when your blogging:

Don’t feel bad if some days a low than other days just think oh my blogs are rubbish etc. Believe me I have days like that but now I’m like oh okay that’s fine no harm done.

Do feel proud of your achievements of your blogs if you done one or more blogs in one day.

Don’t think oh my work is horrible I hate it so much I want to give up on it. Don’t do that keep at it.

Do be proud be proud of your work when your views have gone up like more than a hundred.

Don’t just sit there looking at the camera without any cheesy lines or joke about for a good introduction.

Do  make a fun exciting video to be able to draw your audience in. Carry on doing that throughout the video.

Don’t don’t just turn off camera without saying good bye and without a signature move of your own.

Do do an awesome goodbye entry with signature movement with a sound that summons you up completely.


End of blogging advice: 

This is the end of my blogging advice for now. I hope you all enjoyed it as I have enjoyed writing it. Like the picture says where ever it’s gone. “Don’t dream it do it” I wish you all the very best with the world of blogging.



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