Your everyday make up routine 

My daily routine hair and make up

I normally start with fresh wash hair to begin with. Shampoo that I use currently is L’Oreal colour proctor I use that twice if I’m lucky to give it more volume and make the colour of the red stand out. I then use the conditioner of L’Oreal colour protector and only use it once. After I have finished in the shower and got dressed I go back to my room to blow dry my hair. I normally putIMG_0706.JPG stuff in my hair to give it more volume and look more bouncy but yet today was a bit hectic with an 83rd birthday to attend too. Once I had brushed, dried my hair and brushed and my hair again; then brushed my teeth and washed my face, I am now ready with the base of my face and hair cleaned to be ready to do things with.

First things that I do first is my hair because that takes time to do. So I gather up some of my hair put a clip to get it together; I start to brush my under lay part of my hair to be able put my first three parts of my extensions in. Then I start to unclip the hair that hasn’t been used so far. I start again to gather up the bits of hair that I don’t want to use and clip it up. I then put the finally three piece extension at the back of my head above the natural hair and the extension that I had put in; along with the two piece extension on either side with the single hair extension on each side finally for the las time take out the clip out put the natural hair into place. I then start to brush it to get it all into place the way that I want it and straighten it. Well try to anyways not very good at straightening my hair. IMG_0707.JPG

That’s the hair done before I do my face I clip my front part of my hair up away off my face so that I don’t get an make up on hair normally that does happen when I don’t put it back. So I use four normal hair slide clips on which my hair looked very nice that way so I left it like that for the rest of the day.

The first tIMG_0709hree things that I use before I go straight into putting my make up on. I put B. I use on the right hand side I use that on a cotton pad clear any dirt that I have left on face and rehydrate my skin if I haven’t drunk enough water throughout the week.  After I had finished with the that one I get a fresh new cotton pad because I don’t use the same cotton pad otherwise I would be putting the dirt back on my face again. I then use Simple cleansing lotion to be able to cleanse my skin even more. The bottle is on the left hand side. After that I throw the old cotton pads away and then I use my nivea moisture and put that on my face to be able to make my skin so smooth and ready for my make up to go on. In my make up bag I have all my make up tools and make upIMG_0708 that I use.

First I use my Barry. M flawless Ivory foundation I put it on another cotton pad to be able to manage my foundation, then apply it with with my foundation brush. Then I use the finish brush to blend it in a bit more before I use Collection Cool Concealer 2. Once I have finished with that brush I start to use Collection concealer Cool 2; I do it around my face of where I want it, I use my concealer brush to smudge it all over my face to blend it with my foundation so that it will help cover the spots that I may have on my face and reduce the redness of my face. Now that is all done I use Collection Compress Powder pale not too pale I don’t want to look like a ghost. The brush that I use is powder brush I really like that brush more than any other brush because it’s so fluffy. Don’t normally have a favourite brush. I put it on at least 2-3 times.

For my eye shadow that I use is collection and I use neutral colours because it suites me and it’s me. I use Collection liquid eyeliner and for mascara I use Rimmiel London where it extends the eye lashes. I can’t remember the name of the eyebrow pencil that I have but I use dark brown and fill it in and use the eyebrow brush.


The final look after make up and hair is done.



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