5 things to be happy about 

OMG! Five things to be happy about to share with you guys. This is hard I really don’t know I can ONLY  think of two or three but it has to be 5. What makes me happy? At least I don’t have to explain why. What’s that you want me to explain why they make me happy; I don’t want to 😭😩. Please don’t make me do it I beg of you. Don’t make me do this blog post my viewers are so mean. Hahaha 

  • Being in love. This is because I have finally found someone who might be my soulmate. After on and off because I couldn’t hack it being apart from him. Just like Kate and Will with the lime light of dating a royal but yet the guy I’m in love with is my prince and my hero in my world.
  • Having friends looking out for you. I have pretty awesome friends who have been there for me through thick and thin. Told me to snap out of it, being their rock when I’m not been myself (not really a rock honestly what goes on in your head sometimes) my rants, sharing their opinions of their own rants on the situation and many other things.
  • Being positive. Being positive is the most hardest thing to do when you have lots of negativity around you and in your head but I always find away to channel some sort of positive where I have done something unexpected and know that I have achieved something. 
  • Having friends in the Service.  I have friends that are in the army, police, firebrigade and in security. I never been felt so safe because I know that they will worry if I don’t reply to them as soon as I can. Then start to panic like nobody’s business really. Then I’m like I’m sorry I’m here now. Haha.
  • Family. Yet my family can be a pain in the butt but they are awesome family and crazy on which I love the most. So many good memories that we have made and even when you heard the extract same stories from a family member but it’s nice to hear them; even when you give up saying the same thing 20 times you end up writing on a piece of paper and holding it up to get them to read it. Happens a lot to be honest nearly everytime I go and see them.

There!  I did it I made five things that make me happy. No one dare me to make ten things that make me happy because I will cry. Happy reading and remember what Robin Williams says “beeeeee yourself” 


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