Chit chat with readers and bloggers

Why hello there everyone. How are we all doing? It’s May. The sun is out, been lovely and hot but with a cool breeze. Today is may 4th. If your not a geek or a Star Wars fan we call it the day as may the fourth be with you aka may the force be with you. 
In England everyone love the sun and the heat when it actually comes to England but the rumours have been rumoured that by the weekend it’s going to be hotter than Ibiza. I am not getting my hopes up so I don’t expect your hopes up either ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy whilst it lasts. I know I’m so boring. Haha. 
I was just looking back at my blogs which took me back to the very beginning of when I first started the blog. I have come so far and knowing what I am doing with the blogs now when I first started them. I looked at them where there’s so many spelling mistakes then and I’m getting better with it. 

My dream job is to become a writer. Ever since I was little girl. I never thought my stories where good because I was so critical about myself about them. Yet writing my blogs on here and getting an amazing reception from all of my blogs; it has giving me the courage to carry on blogging and writing without any doubts of worry. 

I will get there one day soon that’s if my current job doesn’t kill me before then. Joking haha. Do love my job just lots of things to do. 
Nothing like a four day week but feels like been at work all week. No fun what so ever. How long is it until to the half term? Haha typical teacher/classroom assistant. Sorry if this short blog because it’s a bit hard on what to talk about when your talking to yourself. Its like you meet your friend in a swimming pool and you try to talk to them without letting water go in your mouth ‘hey… hey…how… are…you…doing?’ ‘Not…too…bad…how…about…you?’ It’s nuts. You telling me I’ve tried. 


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