The joys of waiting and then wasting my time

Don’t you just hate when people waist you time by not showing up or telling you anything what’s going on. This happens to me all the time nearly every day because it’s like I’m just a spare part. “Oh let’s not tell her what’s going on because she doesn’t know nothing. She’s a waist of space.” COMMUNICATION IS A KEY PEOPLE! Talk to each other in a calm manner than winding people up by waisting time for them when they could of done something better. Let me tell you a little story. 

There once was a girl called Lilly. Lilly is still living at home with her parents and sister. It was the day of the voting. Mind you by this point her back and knees are killing her so much that she had take something for the pains. As she was sitting in the living room with her dad, her sister and her mum who was a sleep. Lilly was wearing a cardigan and had her shoes on ready to go. She had to go to the bathroom as she came back down her mum was a wake. So she asked “are we going to vote?” Then there was all disagreement to the point of that it was her fault for not knowing but yet she has had been practically been downstairs monjority of the evening. So in the end she was in hump arms told them thanks for waisting her evening. 

She stormed off back to room but her bad mood didn’t change from there on either. 

The morial of this story is ask what’s going on. Unless it’s people over text or somewhere then. What’s the point in even trying. Let me know how you deal with it? 


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