A ‘DAY IN THE LIFE’ STYLE POST – My Adverage Weekend day. 

day in the life

My adverage day of a weekend is resting after a had working week. Then actually notice cuts on my hands and body forgetting where I get them from. That’s when I realised where I got them from. Can you guess where?….sorry did I hear you correctly. No you don’t know where I got them from? So it’s true. You lot are very quiet with the answer but quick. I like your style. I’m currently work in a special needs school that’s where I most likely find my cuts and stuff like like. I do love my job very much other wise I wouldn’t being doing it for so long. Even though I have found one on the back of my neck but at the end of the day I’m not bothered. Other my back and knees are more important.

Anyways that’s only rarely I get that with the cuts. However my general day involves on a weekend day is chill, gym, meet up with friends, town (if I have money), chilling to be honest. I don’t have anything widely exciting life. Odd occasion I do go out for the day with friends. Monjority of my time is just chilling as I work during the week so I don’t really do much really. It’s going to be quite nice that there’s not anymore birthday parties for a while until end of July. Thank god.

That’s my weekend days of the life. Now come to Monday to Friday. That is completely kettle of fish to be honest with you. Me average day depends on what time I wake up in the mornings if I wake up early in the morning and be able to leave on time or I wake up late and I’m running late for work. Then by the time I get to work it’s seems calm and relaxing but when the kids arrive to school. Oh boy! It really does depend on what they are like if they had a good sleep or not. By the time you get home you can’t be bother do to do anything else all you want to do is sleep and be able to chill and relax.

Holidays are completely different you actually be able to relax and rest up a lot. Also to be able to do things that you actually want to do. Such as all the fun things that you couldn’t actually do in the evenings at work.

As you can see that my days are actually completely different to each other to the point of you never know when your coming or going. You never know what life is doing to take you half the time because your path that you were put on can take you anywhere. At the moment my path is like a very long one seeing roads with no entry on it. So I keep on going until I find a non- no entry sign that says ‘this is your new path’ You never know what is going to happen. God knows what life will take but won’t tell you but watches you to figure it out for yourself.


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