How do I stay organised?

How do I stay organised?  The way I try and stay organised is where I have a personal diary to keep all my important dates into one. Such as people’s birthdays, doctors appointments, general appointments, when I’m meeting up with friends and many other things.

orginsed when it comes to blogging and my stories I have loads of notebooks and post its everywhere I am the most organised person when I have ideas for things to the point of I have loads of post its, highlighters, note books nearly practically every notebook has something in it with ideas. I just love the fact that I’m writing all the time to the point off few times when I was a kid when I went out for walks I would have a notebook in one hand and a pen in the other. If I had an idea for something I would stop right there and then to write it all down.

reference picture

As I’m writing this blog I have had an idea of a story for a child in mind. It can also be any child’s story really but I haven’t written a story in a very long time. Now there is a spark. Spark that I haven’t even had in a very long time. Quite glad that I have one to be honest. The weather is so nice and being able to go out in it today must of giving me the clear air ways to my brain to able to think of a story just like that.Stay-Alive-Stay-Organized


I’m organised in the way of writing birthday cards in a year in advance. So then all I have to worry about then is birthday presents. That’s about it really because I know that I have done one card and be ready to either to post or go in straight into the gift bag if it is already. The only one thing is never organised is my room floor the amount off times I have to tidy it up and stuff it’s ridiculous really. Never ending really but I’m not too sure what this excuse it is this time really. All well never understood that really. Do you always find that? I want to know how organised are you?


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