What has blogging taught you?


What has blogging taught me? Is that what ever bad day that I have had during the week it’s been there. Part of my every day life to the point of I’ve been taking it to work and been working on bits as and pieces. Also every time I’m looking at my stats every day and every night before I go to bed that I feel the privilege of being heard and be able to share my stories that I want to write without no one telling me what to write, what order I should do them in and anything else.

I guess I’m sort of like, like s freelancer if you can call me that because I don’t have a speciality in one area of a subject. I prefer what to write and find my own research and do my own thing. On which people keeps on coming back for more where they enjoy reading them.

Blogging has made me feel more confident in myself because it’s been the most encouraging thing that I have ever done. I just picked up my iPad and I downloaded WordPress and started from there. It’s like picking up a pen for the first time where your pen tip starts rolling easily along the page of the book or paper as you write. It makes me feel alive and that I’ve forgotten how good being creative feels.


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