Dear USA Fans

Well hello there my friends from the other side of the world. How are you all doing? I’m a so delighted that you come along and keep on coming along to read my blogs. I really appreciate it that you look up me up and read my blogs. I do hope you will continue reading my blogs and help me with new blogs by getting in touch what you may like me to write about. 

I haven’t even been to America but I have friends from America and I hope that one day I’ll be able to come over. Possible be able to blog my time over there so everyone can be on my adventure as well. I really would love to see Disneyland Orlando and Harry Potter world and all the other famous places that I have heard about. However due to expensive flights and everything; I can’t even do those things and see my friends in other states. I’ll just have to keep dreaming I suppose won’t I. 

Traveling is one of most dreams. I do hope it will come to true one day. I hear that Miami is awesome and California is awesome. I’m pretty sure every state is awesome and wicked. Probably want my attention all the time I think haha. I hate to point out British people aren’t really that posh and still wear bowler hats by the way. Just want to point it out there. Even some of my friends say to me who live in England I love your accent. It’s posh. I’m like I am not posh. Then they say but Guildford is posh. I’m like are we talking about the same town here. 

I’m so use to converting pounds to USD and then back from USD to pounds so that I can even understand  myself what the difference is. Also my friends as well. Does my head in I don’t know about anyone else’s but it does mine, just don’t give me a test on it. I probably fail on that one.  


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