How to de-stress? 


How to de-stress? 

Work Stress

When your at work when your colleagues are stressing you feel like at having a massive go at them because they aren’t helping the situation that you feel at the moment in time. Don’t have ago at them! Just take yourself away from the situation depending what your work is. Take a depth breath and count to 10. Talk to your management if you get on with them. Don’t loose it with them when they are trying to help and to understand.  After work do things that you love doing that helps you de-stress yourself. So that it will help you relax and out you at ease. 

Home Stress

Nothing home stress when family members stressing you out, noise neighbour screaming their heads, things start to break and so on. Go for walk, do hobbies that you love doing, meet up with your friends, go to the gym take your frustrations out this goes for the work stress as well. There’s nothing like relaxing and clearing your head. 


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