Save VS Splurge 

Are you a massive saver? Or are you really a splurge? Or are you both? If you could save money if you have a massive splurge on things. What would you save money on? And why? If your a massive saver and don’t by anything. What are you saving your money for?

I’m so rubbish at saving because I’m always splurging money here there everywhere really. I know that I can save when I put my mind to it but I like to go out and spend. At least I have learnt my lesson for not getting myself into debt now than before. Teaching myself a lesson here guys.

However my goal is to be able to save and save up money so I can either have a massive splurge off a spending spree or go on a car or a house. Who knows to be honest with you. Whatever comes my way.

Any tips on how you save? how good are you talking your self out of getting money out? Are you good at talking your self out of buying things ? or do you just buy it? Please do share what you do.


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