Eurovision 2016

Oh Graham Norton you do make me laugh with your commentary on the Eurovision. Love all the different types of languages singing the songs from their native country. Currently this year USA and China are watching the Eurovision; haha typical British comedy with great actors being funny, rumours has it Justin Timberlake is singing. Send me help now. His songs are okay but I don’t think most of the countries don’t even know who he is. I wonder what songs he is going to play; doubt he what Eurovision is probably think it’s a normal charity event, oh dear me help me now. Apparently he only seen it the last two years but still don’t know what it is. Sorry for Justin Timberlake fans.

The Netherlands: Amazing Netherlands what good sound. Got my attention from the start and to the end. Love the clocks of the flooring. You did very well I hope you have more points than my own country.
Sweden: Such a cute 17 year old constant ever can mostly likely to earn lots votes from the young girls asking their parents to vote for him.
Germany: Jamie-Lee you are amazing I love outfit. The song is so amazing it’s so catchy I wonder what it was going to be bouncy or not but its great. Very Bjork style of music and the outfit is so cute. Well done Germany.
France: “You are my melody song” To my heart France. Lots of loving from me right now. I am glad you have great singer representing you.
Australia: OH MY GOD! Amazing love you even more. You made it so look so easy in performing. You’ll surely have lots of votes by the end of the night.
Croatia: Croatia Croatia. The performance made me think of bit like Star Wars and ET not sure why I think mostly because of the back singers in hooded cloaks.
Russia:  Oh my god! Very cleaver performance. I was so mesmerised the performance that I’ve lost contact with the laptop because it was so so WOW! I can’t even think what to write for your entry.
Spain: Spain your entry is so good which made me stop when my sister said ‘wow what happened?’ I thought it they had a power cut or we had a power a cut. It amazed me so much and made me think about going to Spain’s beaches.
Latvia:  Oh Latvia you may have a late teen crush for your performer. As she said ‘he dresses like me. We are a match’ It is very intreating  but not my cup of tea but my sister likes the performance very much.
United Kingdom:  Oh Uk boys you are so adorable but a tough challenge your up against. You should be good as everyone will love your cuteness. You were both so adorable and cute.

Armenia, Ukraine, Poland, Malta, Georgia, Austria, Cyprus, Serbia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Israel, Italy, Hungry, Azerbaijan, Belgium,Czech Republic. All their performances are truly amazing and brought my attention. Some have brought my attention and some haven’t really.


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