25 facts about me

The amazing 25 facts about me this is going to be fun. Can’t even think of 25 facts but going to have to accept the challenge one way or another. God help me now forever grateful. 

  1. Born on 2nd January 
  2. Hate being stood up when I give my time attention to someone
  3. Work in a special needs school
  4. 2 brothers and one sister 
  5. One sister in law
  6. Rugby, Tennis and swimming are my favourite sports 
  7. Kind, caring, helpful, nice, respectful, 
  8. Hate being lied to 
  9. Hate being mistreated 
  10. 5ft4 1/2 small I know when every family member are taller than me
  11. I go to the gym when I can 
  12. 0 children would like to have some one day
  13.  Currently with someone
  14.  Heath Issues – mental health issues to things that I shouldn’t experience at my age
  15.  Currently living at home
  16.  Have a tight family where we are there for each other
  17.   Colouring in books big kid after all
  18.  Like meeting up with close friends 
  19.  Don’t like being in big crowds 
  20.  Closterphobic 
  21.  Have no nieces or nephews at the moment 
  22.  1st oldest girl but third youngest
  23.  Born in Guildford Surrey UK
  24.  Want to go traveling 
  25.  Brought up in a Christian family but I don’t believe in it. I question about it. 

Yay! About 40 minutes later of thinking of my 25 facts about myself is hard. Just realised that I’m 25 years old and just done 25 facts sweet home albmama. Flipping back/spine just hate it when it starts to tingle and I want to sort it out but I can’t. So frustrating to be honest with you. 


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