Exam Month says ‘Take me on I’ll be gone’

keep-calm-its-only-exam-stress-1I remember doing my exams this time almost over 10 years ago back in 2007. GCSES everyone was putting pressure on you to get good grades even the certain 6th Form or college that you wanted to go too. I struggled with my exams not because I was a naughty kid in class but I was generally  panicked when it comes exam especially maths. Hate numbers I still do now and I don’t even have maths now other than level 1 numeracy that took me 3 years at college to blooming pass. Took me also 2 years to pass my GCSE English and 2 years I think to functional skills in english reading. Not because I didn’t want to choose to learn it was because I have learning difficulties.

I do understand how stressful it is when you’re trying to cram in so much information of a certain subject into your poor brain. Half the time you think half of this stuff I don’t need this in the career that I want to do it’s pointless studying it to be honest. That’s if you want to work in retail for the rest of your life. A-levels and A2 levels exams I expect are also hard to study along with the degrees. I know higher further education and further education levels are hard because seeing 3 siblings taking A-levels and studying a degree they were up for hours because there was so much they had to do and cram in because it was a lot difficult to do than diplomas that I did for 3 years at college which was all coursework base work. keep-calm-and-slam-the-exam-9

All you got to do is to be able to study hard and when the exam comes you going to slam that exam as best as you can. Achieve what you can do and when it comes to August results you look at your results and your like yes I achieved the grades that I wanted because I’ve slammed that exam. I knew I felt that I did well after walking out of the exam.

I was too cocky when I got my exam results for my GCSE results at the time. I generally given up with so much learning because I couldn’t just focus and nothing was going in which frustrating to me. Had like arguments with my mum about it because I was so stressed that nothing wasn’t going in and I would storm off. Odd occasions I would say ‘maybe I should of been home taught’ she would reply ‘maybe I should of done’ she knew how frustrating it was because of seeing me getting so annoyed with it. However she had least 2 other kids to help to pass their exams when they were studying. She had at least maybe 5 1/2 years in between me and my sister before she had to go through it all again with her. Now my mum is doing with other peoples kids who she works with and get them to pass their exams.

exam2After a month of different exams going all at once when the day of your last exam arrives. You be like thank good I’ve got 3 months of freedom before college or 6th form comes. Unless your going to work or going take on apprenticeship then you still have to learn. I’m not too sure what it is now as the age of staying at school is 18 now. When I left I was 16 so it’s completely different then to now. You’ll be alright just breathe and soon it will be over and done with.

I wish you all good luck and all the best I hope you achieve your goals and dreams. If your reading this. Your 5 minutes break is now up get back revise you got exam tomorrow. haha good luck.








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