If I could rename my blog…

If I could rename my blog… I don’t know what I could rename my blog I had struggled thinking of the one I got now. I always believe that you have to make the whole impact of building up the name by using loads of social media and of course blogging as well. What sounds right and what fits with blogs you know. To be able to show that it’s truly you and the way you act. 

I see when people liking my work and I see their awesome names. I’m like erm is my name cool? Is my name cool enough? Does it stand out enough? What could I change it to if I could? So I did a bit of research and this is a few that I have found and what I came up with just now

  • Dailylizzy
  • Daily Life of Lizzy
  • Lizzy’s world 
  • Getlizzy
  • Lizzygetsawesomeeverytime
  • Lizzyhub
  • Lizzystube
  • Gooblivious 
  • Obliviousme

This is only a few even that’s hard to think what to rename even with researching everything as well. What’s your opinion? Do you like my name? Does it stand out? Is it catchy? Why not comment and we can talk about it?


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