Where was your life 5 years ago? How does your current life compare to where you thought you would be?

My life 5 years ago was just about to start a whole new big adventure. Just finished college at May half term after 4 years of college education from two different college. Never went to university didn’t fancy in going sometimes over the past 5 years I wish I had gone to university because I could of had a different life and things. I left behind college friends and great teachers who helped me over the years of building my confidence up to the point of my last day of college. I was full of life and took only one week out before I started to look for jobs and everything then come June I was working at two volunteering jobs over 3 months and half. Learning how do things like building things and how to sale things preparing for me to working life dealing with customers. I was on job seekers for awhile until mid September 2011 I got a job at Card Factory and in December 2012 I had got another job to earn a bit more money.  

5 years later my life have changed dramatically since 5 years ago of new out of college kid. I have coming along way but having major issues along the way didn’t really help to the point of having bad first relationship. I became ill one health issue with polystic ovaries and  what made it was my first relationship. Which I didn’t know the signs of depression and anxiety had decided to show to everyone around me. Along with juggling with 2 jobs and then changing jobs and leaving a job half way through my second year of working in a school that I’m working at. Then become November 2013 I was digionsed with depression and anxiety where I was constantly been signed off twice in the academic year. Then I was showing progress to the point of getting better then I crumble again in September 2015 gone part time for the whole year to February 2016 I was signed off again for the week because I was in such a bad way. 

Since then I’ve got better where I’ve been doing extra hours the last two months. Where I have been doing so well and manage to cope with the strain off short staff until Friday just been and this weekend that I crumbled because it finally caught up with me but needed the weekend off to recharge my batteries. For a new week and ready to bounce back fresh and ready to get back into it without taking time off or being signed off. That’s what was my major worry of being signed off because I knew how bad the staffing has been recently. Here’s to the rest of the year of fresh new start and let’s just hope it remains that way. 


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