Ever broken a bone? What’s the story behind it?

Through out life of 25 years I haven’t broken a bone in my life. Weren’t too sure if I broke my little toe or not as I kicked a wheelchair at work one week because I didn’t have any shoes on but I didn’t bother getting it checked out but it was perfectly fine by the end of the week.

However I have poor ligaments in my knees, ankles and wrists. The story behind that is because I’m always spraining or straining something through out my life. For months or years that I’ll be fine. However only a week and half where my knees where so bad that it was hard to get up form the floor to standing up quickly.

My parents have taken me to the doctors when I was a kid but they said that there was nothing wrong with me but yet I know how to bandage myself up and know what’s wrong with me, I told my doctor on Friday that I was having problems with my knees.


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