Online dating. Have you done it? How do you feel about it?

I’ve been doing online dating websites on and off for about a year. I don’t mind it to the point of most of the guys I talk to end up being long term friends. On which is okay because I really don’t mind. Some have been good dates but never gone any further but then come back and want to talk get back into my life you know.

The way I feel about it is that there is a lot of fakes, people only after one thing, could be completely tools or there is a connection between each other. However you do have to think about your safety as well if you do meet them.

You do have to be on guard than tell yourself he’s the one because you never know what they are like behind a screen or they could be lying to you to win you on side. Never give them money if they are asking because you really don’t know them. There are stories about people who are fraud out there and keep on asking money for things because they have got you where they want you. Just be cautious about it. Also still go out like clubs and etc to meet people because there is people out there in your area or someone near you without you realising.

Like the picture says “I don’t always do online dating, but when I do I make sure that they are real” this is so true because you never know what’s out there. Please be cautious with online dating websites.


3 thoughts on “Online dating. Have you done it? How do you feel about it?

  1. I have been in two long-distance relationships over the years, one that actually recently-ish ended. After the first I swore (for a few years) that I would steer clear of that nightmare. I later realised it was the person, not quite the situation, although the situation is still fraught with issues. I still wouldn’t jump at the chance for a long-distance relationship.

    As for “online dating”, by which I presume you mean using dating sites and doing all that crap… I’ve tried that, and I suppose still am, but never really pursue anything because I’m too sodding insecure and also finding the right sorta woman for me is a hell of a task.

    I agree though, gotta be cautious when dealing with these sorta things.


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