Something nobody knows that you’ve always wanted to say out loud

something nobody knowsOver the years of keeping my opinions to myself because people have peed me off to the point of I want to lash out at them. You know it’s damaging you to the point off it’s killing you and putting you down.

Yeah that’s me I have lashed out a few times people to know not get on the wrong side of me to the point if I have been hacked off by something or they have done something because they will know when I don’t talk to them for so long.

My greatest one is recently where I have taken it out of my first ex to the point of it gave me so much relief that I can move on with my life and be happy. Have literally taken it out of him the past week since I got into contact with him because he knows what he had done to me. I actually enjoyed every minute of it to see him wiggle with hatred. Is it mean? you say to be honest I could respond to that answer is by saying he did deserve it because the crap years of being with him and the two -three years of suffering from anxiety and depression. Yes he does deserve it so much.

You could be at the end of the annoyed Guildford Girl. No one likes it to be honest I hate it when I don’t get treated with respect. If you want respect from me be on the good side with me than the wrong side.


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