Men should have periods too

 I see men play football and yet they seem to think getting injured is more painful than period pains, periods and have child birth. Yet they haven’t seen or play rugby. Rugby players know how it feels when they get up and carry on playing when they are injured it’s like us women we go through the pain but yet carry on.

Unless your a total looser who doesn’t understand what it feels like then. Let me kick where it hurts and tell me out of 1-10; 10 being the highest pain of them all, if you say 5 I’ll kick you twice as hard and probably give you a wedgey make you fall on the floor in pain then you will tell me that it’s a 10. 

Believe me I have had terrible period pains to the point of leaving school early because I felt so dreadful up until I had found out that I had polystic overias which caused it all in the first place. I literally had my head down the toilet every 21 days after my pill for seven days. So I had to come off it for a few months and deal with the pain. Then had implant put in and that seemed to be the trick. Then three years later I had to put a new one in and I had the worse time of it for about a good week of it now that I’m getting better with it seems alright.

This week shown that I still had to carry on pushing myself to go to work in pain, feeling sick and anxious because of the implant. All the men do is complain that we are always in pain. Just wait until your partner or wife is carrying your child and when starts to go into labour. That’s when you start to feel her pain and her upset. So don’t go judging your partner or wife when she really needs you to your friends because at the end of the day who’s really in pain you or your lady. 


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