I’m not crazy. I swear!

That’s what she said with a bin on her head

I have done crazy things in my life that made people laugh. To the point of sticking a bin on my head and wanted to walk around Ikea with it on my head. Sadly my mum didn’t see the funny side and told me to take it off because people think or talk about me with a bin on my head. Yet you let my two other brothers do crazy things when we’re out about. Arrg can’t win. 

This is why I do crazy things with my friends to the point of no one actually cares what you do. You know and it’s like I try and make my parents laugh they are like no. But yet they laugh when the other three do silly stuff what’s going on there. Odd occasions I make them laugh but generally think I’m the serious child. WRONG! Don’t know me at all well. 

I have run down my road in bare feet after having five different cocktails in one drink. Weren’t even drunk. Well some of you properly say I was. Walked all away from the beach in Bournmouth leaving my friend with our stuff to go and find beach matts in bare feet. (Love having no shoes on or socks on) I was drunk at my friends leaving do one time and still manage to go to work the next day. THAT’S JUST CRAZY PEOPPLE! 

Knowing that a tree that you known for years is so far away from your house but in the dark your eyes play tricks on you. It looked like it’s coming towards you like it’s falling or muppet coming towards you. You know who I’m talking about this guy. 

There’s probably more crazy things I would share but I can’t even think of any more as its a spare of the moment thing. I know once me and another friend took a mad train trip to some where. We ended up going to Portsmouth and then even more crazyness we did was that we caught a boat to the Isle of Wight and walked around Ryde. Then went back to Portsmouth and walked around there and took the train back home all in the day’s work. Also took a train up to London as well to go and see Tower of London with all of the poppies  in the mout. 


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