Write a letter to the household chore you hate the most

Dear Small Box Room

I do not think you understand the whole meaning of when I’m busy at work and to tired to do anything. Just want to crumble into a heap on my own bed. Yet I have to fight my way through the heap to get to my bed. When it comes to the weekend I’m too drained to tidy you up and second of all thank you for making my life hell as now it’s another weekend lost to tidy you up because I’ve became ill. Since Friday I hate to say. 

Not that I’m making exuces but now my mother is on my case to tidy it up. I know where she’s going with the nag thing it will make you feel whole lot better. However I’m 25 years old I know what I suppose to do but thanks to you small box room she has found another way of telling me what to do. 

It’s not like you to give me grief but at the end of the day you should off been well kept and tidy so I don’t have to do it. Also be nagged about it. I just want to be well enough to be able to tidy up. Not have a constant battle with my parents with something. I would like to have the most happy life and have a good relationship with my parents again. It’s just extremely hard when they come in find another bone to pick. Not like I have any more bones to be picked. 

One day I will kick your ass one way or another. Yes this is my room that I took few weeks ago and it’s still like it now.

I will defeat you when you don’t make me feel so angry. 

Your room keeper


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