Emotionally and physically drained

This past two weeks have been the most hardest thing I can its just been a rollercoster of physically and mentally. 

Mentally where my anxiety and depression had kicked in so badly that I’ve struggling to the point of how the hell is there a crash matter there from making me go down there even further. 

Physically my body is so battered and brusied from doctors and nurses. Kicked, screamed at, cried at, pinched at, sworn at and everything else from work. Your just like I don’t even care anymore about myself. 

The bug is taking its toll to the point of not getting any better what so ever. Everything is just getting on your nerves to the point one day your twig inside you just snaps. You just physically just loose it at someone or something. 

My heart can only take so much of heart breaks of life. I’m even struggling to function in writing this blog. I’m struggling so bad. This has to be the toughest of them all. 


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