That thing that really gets your goat {Is it the way people drive? That sniffing noise your partner makes?}

The things that really gets me on my goat is people walking 5 miles an hour in front of you and your like in a hurry or something. Your like come on speed up your making this hill as twice as long. Especially when it’s guildford town centre my god that’s horrible. You just feel like your going to trip over the person in front of you believe me few people have almost done that to me it’s not nice what’s so ever. Recantly my body has had enough of being beaten up so it doesn’t need anymore. Oh the other day me and my friend where trying to move out of the away as on going people coming way and someone sort of pushed/brushed by me who walking behind me making me go into my friend. I think he realised after or he over heard but I thought he wasn’t going to apologise or turn round I was so mad at him. He saw how mad I was with a smile on his face saying sorry. I even said as he walked on before he turned round. “What a d***!” Maybe I should of run up walk next to him and stuck my leg out make him trip up. “Oh I’m sorry did that hurt? Maybe you should think before you barge someone out the way” 

Clearing throats every second even when talking. Oh my god that’s annoying it’s like they don’t do for hours and then all the sudden they do it because they know it winds you up. Why the hell do they do it? I don’t do it other than if I have a cold or a sore throat that’s the only time I do it and that winds me up when I do it myself. What do they gain out of it? It’s like waiting for paint to dry because it’s like when your quite finished clearing your throat. 

Scratching your head or behind your ear or in some cases just sniffing your fingers. What’s that about? Why do you do that? What do you gain out of it? It’s not attractive and you never done it before why now. What are you doing that for? Really don’t know what to say because I don’t do it, is it a nervous habit or something. I do not know. 
Stopping at every word or sentence at the time. Oh my god if I wanted a single word or sentence I would be still at work I love my job and they have the reason to do so. However what the hell wrong where a parent or someone who is more capable to put words and form them together quickly. That feels like a death sentence to me it’s like come on spit it out I know you don’t have the problems that the kids I work with. 

I could go on for hours with what gets up my grill to be honest with you, there’s loads of them. To talk about. What gets up your grill? 


6 thoughts on “That thing that really gets your goat {Is it the way people drive? That sniffing noise your partner makes?}

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    1. I don’t even know what internet server I use ha. Mines all on 4G because I use to have trouble with the home internet which is virgin media. I’m on O2 which is a moblie company and I get an iPad cheaper deal.


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