Invested in iPad mini keyboard and case

 So I invested in a iPad mini keyboard that came with a case. I thought this would be great to be able to use for blogging because I don’t have to hold my ipad and type my blogs then wonder why my elbow hurts. It’s all in good in the type world of blogging no fingers and thumbs in the way of each other or anything. The downside to this keyboard and case is that the case doesn’t actually fit the iPad. Unless I’m being a complete fool and don’t want to break the iPad I haven’t got it in properly. I however keep on thinking that I’m on my laptop because I keep on going to where the mouse is but its not there. Haha. Well that was complete waist of money but it still works; me and my sister were fiddling around with the case and the keyboard to find out that as soon as I put in my other iPad, then guess what it fits. For flip sake man that’s just stupid but all in all it still fits just but its okay for time being until I can find another one the right size to fit it. Hey ho guess this blogger needs to check out what one it is first haha. 

Have you got one of these? Have you had problems? What do you use to blog your grovey stuff? 


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