What is your definition of a “successful” blog? 

To start with you don’t know what to write about especially when it comes to your first blog post. You’ll be sitting there like why aren’t people reading it and so on. Don’t give up honsetly don’t give up. It’s taken me at least 10 maybe over the two months to write my first 10. This is because I was struggling to commit to it and wasn’t so sure what I was doing. 

So I stopped for awhile until I took it back up it back up again. Researched loads of blog titles that I could write about that other bloggers have used. From there I’ve been picking out bits and pieces from the long lists that I have found. However along the way I’ve had ideas of my own along the way as well. 

Being successful blogger you have to give and take. Shape it, work with it, own it, believe in yourself. Most of all readers love the sexy catchy titles and with pictures as well because this draws them into what the blog is about and want to know more. This also shows that whatever you write about you know what’s popular and what’s not because it sticks into your mind like okay that didn’t work I’ll leave that for awhile. 

I always take note of my stats when I can take photos that anything above 35 views I have to take copies of it and what’s the most popular stories and so on. This helps me to understand what my readers are telling me.

Also knowing your own style of writing. Everyone has different style of writing. Believe me I always try and make it fun and exciting. I gernally think you guys think I’m nuts by hey your the ones keep on coming back haha. 

The best one I think was one day I was ill and I hardly did any blogging what so ever. Even when I tried to think of something; that day was the lowest of them all, it shows how much people respect your work and you. So you gave me an idea for a blog. 

Also being a successful blogger is to be able to pitch, market, social media and much other things. I’m still learning at the end of the day. 

For me I generally pitch anything that is for anyone market anyone ages because at the end of the day it’s my hobbie I don’t get paid for it. I wish I was but I’m not. I have loads of ideas but I don’t know how to achieve them just yet. Still in a work in progress. 

I wish you all the best 



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