List things you’ll never do again – 8 o’clock post

The things that I think I should never do again and the reasons why I shouldn’t do it. This is because I never learn always making me the wrong descions and makes my life go out of control which effects my anxiety and depression worse. So here is the list that we should never do again and I hope you do make the right choices than the bad ones.

  1. Don’t pay out money to someone who you don’t know online and who you haven’t met. This is because it will screw you up finically and make sure you do background checks first.
  2. Don’t tell lies especially in relationships and to family members because it will hurt them more than you think. I’ve been hurt by lies and I’m guilty of lieing to family because I felt like they would be angry with me all the time and I felt like I couldn’t go to them.
  3.  Make sure your strong enough and feel better before you go into a new relationship. This is because you don’t know if they will hold it against you or not if your weak. For example: for me mental health issues they could take advantage of that or make it worse. They could take your good nature and abuse it. 
  4. Don’t let your life spiral out of control if your in a bad place. Meaning that sleeping around with guys and do stupid things that you might get yourself in trouble with or retreat later in life. 
  5. Don’t get yourself into debt because you’ll always be catching up with yourself and you will never see the light at the end of the tunnel. Be strong enough and take control of your life.

These are the things that I have experienced personally and needed to take some sort of control now. This is because when I’m at self distruct mode I don’t think think what I’m going and I would think it’s a good idea at the time but months later it isn’t. I have come a long way in somethings like being open with my mum by talk to her when I’m having anxiety attack and what I can be troubling me. Just don’t let it your life spiral out of control. Learn from your mistakes if you have take control of your mind.


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