What happens after you die?

 Don’t you just wonder what it’s like after you die? Is there really heaven, middle and hell? Who decides which part you stay in? I just find that I can just see myself either living until 100 and something or seeing myself laying there in a coffin knowing I’m not actually dead. No one really can tell you what death is like. Well because they are already dead. 
If I could ask a few people that I know what is like to be dead. I would so ask my grandparents and few other relatives. I had a scary realisation as I was watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows either part 1 or part 2 the old lady in Grodlick Hallow as I sat watching it for the first time I saw my great nan playing the old lady in the film. I can tell you she’s been dead mojorty of my life; she had passed when I was little but seeing someone with the same features as her and everything, it’s scary I even asked my parents about it my sister kind of knew who we were talking about but she had passed before she was born. 

Things like that make me think about recarnation and stuff because I’ve had birds follow me a few times over the years. It’s like someone or a few people are like watching over me. Too day whilst I was waiting for a friend seen at least three magpies and by the time they had arrived we’ve seen four. Come to think about it I think it could be my great uncles watching over me. Just in case I was going to get into trouble with a friend. It’s hard to know what to think.

I do believe in recarnation and life after death because I’ve seen ghosts and you don’t have birds following you down ally ways from college or when you move from the back of the sports park to the front and you end up having four magpies lingering around. 

Let me ask you something what is your thoughts of life after death? I am very inturiged what your thoughts are. On this topic because I always have questions but don’t ask about them in fear of being judged but I wanted to ask you guys what your opinions are. 


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