EU Referendum story – my take on the matter

Kings, queens, presidents but most importantly ministers of government in the UK welcome to the future of the world that you are going to change.  Through talking heads that took liberties of the monkeys in parliament who have learnt to build machines on what they want. That will take them to heaven through the universe. 

However they say nothing. Deny everything. To make countless accusations at each other. “Mirror mirror on the wall? Who is the fairest of them all?” asked the prime minster as he looked at the mirror on the wall of his office. Mirror replied “would you like the good, the bad, the ugly or the beautiful answer?” No response from either of them not even one. This is because it’s all up in the air with the hills and the winds with no-one to let us in. So leave your thoughts and save yourselves you fool. 

The daggers of science which envoloves the House of Parliament. As we are not too sure with the fallout blows but we all know that it will end in tears…..either way….

My opinion won’t matter either way when it comes to voting but I’m still going to vote. To be honest I love Scotland but when they tried to refurend but everyone said no. Now it’s the whole United Nations voting more votes and it can go either way but my against of leaving is that when England and Scotland had to join in the first place and think how much blood share both countries and Mary Queen of Scots had been caught and been killed. But all this hard work she had done.  Everyone wants to undo it all. 

What do you think about the EU Referendum? Should we stay or should we leave?


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