Longest mornic in my time. 

As I was just doing the dishwasher this evening I had a sudden thought about these love birds. Due to the queens second birthday as she has reached the age of 90 and Prince Phillip reaching the fantastic age of 95 years old. It got me thinking about things and started to ask questions that my parents couldn’t even answer. On which made smile because children think parents should know everything but they don’t haha. 

So here’s my thought that I would like to ask you guys and what you think about it. Have you ever thought about what happens if they didn’t pass away and reach to the grand old age of 100 and still be looking as good as they do now. Would they send themseleves a telegram of themselves saying happy 100th birthday! You regained the longest and stuck with each other the longest. Something along the lines of that.

 What do you recoken? Would you love to see these two love birds live until they are 100 and beyond? Also what is their magic of staying so young? What do you think if they sent themseleves a telegram? 

Your highness your father would be so proud of you and what you have achieved. Over years of being in regin. Long live the Queen Elizabeth! Long live Prince Phillip!


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