My thoughts for Orlando in America

What feels like my second home to me through blogs and personal reasons my thoughts are for Orlando in America. The mass murder is horrible no matter if it’s just one person acting alone or apart of a group. No matter where you are your never safe. It makes you wonder what goes through people’s heads when they do decide to do something terrible like this. 

I do hope survivors be able to get help and get lots of support from their families, friends and etc to get over ther ordeal that have happened to them. To be able to get on with their lives in the coming weeks and be able to regain the confidence that they have lost last night. 

My thoughts are also with the love ones who have lost in the massacre. Knowing that they will blame themselves for not being there and protecting them. I know how that feels from my own experience of being evacuated from a bomb scare and also when I was younger I would go everywhere if I could if anything happened to my family I wanted to be there. 

My thoughts are with you Orlando! 


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