Have you ever played cat and mouse game? 

 The story goes like this. So you either been in a relationship or you and someone fancy you like mad they either stop talking, don’t turn up or playing hard to get. They then it’s like they get back into contact like everything is forgiven and forget sort of thing. 

Your fully grown adults not a child playing the game of cat and mouse on the parachute. Your toying each other’s feelings. Just don’t do it you know because at the end of the day one of you are going to get hurt broken because the person have finally moved on and with someone who actually cares. Even if you sorted out being friends after so many years but then you start to trust them again but one of the main issues is are you actually going to turn up and etc. You made a good start by letting that person know if your not going to turn up or not but also showing up when you said you would. Then all of the shade the one time that they really need you; your phone is turned off, not answering your phone when you ring, not answering your texts messages, not answering messages and makes you think have I made the right choice of letting you back into my life and everything. 

This is actually a true story. However I’ve given up in messaging my friend until he decides to contact because at the end of the day I’m not being the cat this time he can and I’ll be the mouse I’ve got far too many things going on in my life to be able to worry about why he didn’t show today. The only one time he hasn’t messaged me saying he can’t make it.


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