My hero part 2

Me and my dad have this odd relationship to the point where we are so similar that we can’t help it. However from that we do get on. Have moments of laughter and everything. My fun memories is suprisingly yes attractive person now use to play football with her daddy in the back garden with her big brothers football boots and gloves. 

At that time I was just a kid and couldn’t careless what sport it was unless it was motor racing then no. 

I use to make him go in the sea with me a lot. Espically on a windy day and we had a blow up boat and he would have the string. I had my back to the waves. 

We would go get me a golf club and we went golfing. I think it only happened once. Just me and him. 

My dad is the best dad because he saved me from drowning in the sea. When I got knocked over because I was looking at red arrows going over I think it was. 

No matter how old I am now. No matter how stubborn we both get with each other or shout at each other. I will always be my daddy’s little girl in his eyes the day I was born. 

I love you dad! 


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