Heat Sweat + Anxiety Sweat = Overload 

I know this isn’t a very intreasting topic but a pretty horrible smelly one if you ask me. As all of you know now that I have anxiety and depression; the worse thing having anxiety is that you tense and you sweat more because your so anxious about everything, then when the weather kicks in like its hummed but dull and grey or sunny and boiling hot your body sweats more trying to call it off. 

Before I had all this I could cope with the whole heat sweat thing because it wasn’t too bad and it was manageable. Now I have anxiety sweat kicking in the mixture of both does not help to the point of by the time you sit down you could feel the sweat seeping through the t-shirt that your wearing and you start to smell the sweat as well. Your just like if you can smell it everyone else can. Thanks body overload of sweat charming. Doesn’t help the headache as the more sweat pours out of your skin the more the brain losses fluid and dehydrates the rest of the body. 

You think when is it going to end. 


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